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New Eriador Community Server

You are an awesome Community, so we created a server for you where you can play together with us! Join the Server now and start building amazing things on ""!

Note: You can also read this in German

Is this a creative server?

Not only, but mostly. We have created a huge Plotworld for you to develop Redstone contraptions, construct buildings or just test out things together with other Members of the Community. For high commitment we created a second world, where players can get their own New Eriador Survival experience on the New Eriador Survival Seed (see: What's the Survival World?, What are the Server Ranks?)

What are the Server Rules?

There are a few rules that you should follow. We want to have a nice and friendly server community and will have to exclude those that don't behave. If you are unsure if something is permitted just ask us. The following you should always keep in mind:

  1. Be friendly
  2. Keep the Chat English
  3. Respect other people/builds
  4. Don't be rude
  5. Don't ask for Ranks
  6. Turn off your Redstone Clocks
  7. No modded clients
What are the Server Ranks?

We want to keep it easy, so there are just three different Ranks on the Server:

Grey: Server Member - A Rank for everybody! Be a part of the community

  • Claim 2 Plots (more can be requested)
  • Change Plot Floor
  • Lots of commands

Orange: Elite Member - A Rank for High Commitment to New Eriador

The Elite Rank is a reward for people that are helping us! Keep in mind that these people directly contribute to keeping the server alive by putting work into it, like giving us a hand at moderating the server, or helping us to finance it! You sadly won't get any "special" features on the server itself

    Additional Features
  • Get invited to the Elite Skype Group with New Eriador Members

Red: New Eriador - A Rank for us

    New Eriador Members:
  • Might be recording (don't harass them!)
  • Can help you!
  • Can be given hugs!
What's the Survival World

The Server has a built-in Survival World. It is a copy of the New Eriador server which you can explore in gamemode 2. The map get's updated frequently so you won't miss a thing.

How can I help?

There are two main things that we could need some help with:

  1. Moderating the Server: Help other people in chat, answer questions new people might have, be nice and friendly. Everybody can do that without having a "Moderator Rank", that's why such a thing does not exist. If we ask you to do that permanently we will reward that with the "Elite Rank", but do not ask us for it (See: Rule No. 5).
What Commands are there?

Here is a brief Command Overview

  • /p floor - Change the Floor of your plot!
  • /p auto - Get a free random plot!
  • /p h - Get to your plot
  • /tpa username - Teleport to your friends Location!
  • /p h username # - Get to the Plots of your friend!
  • /donate - Find information about donating!
  • /fancygm on/off - Enable Fancygamemode (look up n' down)
  • /spawn - Teleport to the Plotworld Spawn!
  • /p i - Find out who's the owner of the plot you are standing on!
  • /p vehicle true/false Activate Vehicle Interaction for Non-Trusted on your Plots