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New Eriador Downloads
In this section you can find some downloads for the server, like the Map Downloads for Season 1 and 2 as well as our New Eriador resource packs

New Eriador Resource Packs
We (mostly Jeffy) created a Resource Pack, which is "adding" wind to the game by animating all kinds of plants. The pack is available in two versions: An adition for default textures, as well as a version for Faithful textures (Note that you will still need the Faithful 32x32 Resource pack).

Default Textures (Download) Faithful Textures (Download)
Faithful Textures Faithful Textures

Elytra Pack (Download)
We also have custom Elytras which you can use by Renaming your Elytra to "[Name]'s Elytra" (Note that Optifine is needed to display the Elytras).

Faithful Textures

World Downloads
You can download the maps we played on so far and play in those yourself or just fly around and get inspiration.

Season 1 full map (1,3GB)
Season 1 reduced world size (265MB)

Season 2 full map (will be available for download soon)
Season 2 reduced world size (will be available for download soon)